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accutane is the trade name of the original drug for increasing potency, produced on the basis of tadalafil. The Latin name is accutane. The drug belongs to selective inhibitors of phosphodiesterase type 5 and acts similarly to its predecessor sildenafil (isotretinoin). Pharmacological group - potency regulators. accutane was developed by the American company Eli Lilly and is available in tablet form. The appearance of the tablets is almond-shaped, the color is yellow, the inscription C and the number indicating the dosage of tadalafil are embossed on one side.

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A distinctive feature of accutane from other drugs that inhibit PDE 5 is the prolonged effect of the drug. "Weekend pill" - this is how fans jokingly call accutane, since the effectiveness of the drug lasts for 36 hours.

This feature allows you to take the drug once every two days, and plan intimacy more calmly. And this, in turn, relieves the psycho-emotional stress of a man, increases his self-esteem and allows him to enjoy sex more fully.

No less remarkable effect of the drug is the speed of the onset of the effect. For a full-fledged intercourse, you can take a pill minutes before the planned intimacy. In some cases, it will take more time, since the maximum concentration of the active substance in the blood is reached after 2 hours (average value), therefore, men should determine the speed of the onset of the desired effect experimentally. Tadalafil exerts its effect selectively on type 5 of phosphodiesterases, therefore, in relation to other processes in the body, it is relatively harmless. PDE 5 is also present in insignificant amounts in other organs, these are the lungs, kidneys, cerebellum, pancreas, and skeletal muscles.

  • When testing accutane, there was no negative effect on systolic and diastolic pressure in healthy men
  • Unlike isotretinoin, there are no side effects in relation to vision, color perception and visual acuity do not change
  • The active substance of accutane is excreted mainly through the intestines and to a lesser extent in the urine.


Posted by Ben Jones on Jan 18, 2021

accutane is intended to stimulate a weak erection, as well as to treat a significant degree of ED. Thus. the drug has a positive effect on erection, regardless of the severity of the sexual disorder. With insignificant ED, the desired effect occurs as quickly as possible, if ED is more pronounced, and the man cannot independently carry out sexual intercourse, then the effect of the drug occurs a little later, when tadalafil in the blood reaches its maximum value, that is, after half an hour. The maximum concentration is maintained until and then gradually decreases.

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